About The Sound Healing

Unite, Heal, with the beats of nature!

Welcome to The Sound Healing, an institute dedicated to bringing out the natural paths of healing to connect our subconscious self with consciousness. The academy focuses on unveiling and sharing the various benefits of sound, enabling you to help heal yourself and others through sound medication.

Traditions and cultures several centuries back knew diverse secrets of healing. Even before the dawn of medicines and Ayurveda, people used to synchronize their vibrations with nature to heal themselves.

By courtesy of our metropolitan lifestyle, we barely know our neighbors living next door for decades. We scarcely find time for ourselves and our loved ones.

These sessions are designed as an escape to your true self, to help you realize how significant it can be to find peace with yourself and mother nature every once in a while.

With industry experts, we worked to create guided meditations and exclusive therapy music, perfect for enhancing your relaxation practice. Our sessions are curated exclusively to deliver complete immersion of the senses, acting as a medium to connect you directly with the intense vibrations of mother earth and nature.

Founder: Ashwani Kumar (Yog Guru)

“A drop of water when falls in the ocean, causes ripples only for a while.  We all are the drop, except, we restrict our energies to fuse with that of nature.

This resistance is the cause of most of our pain.”

My academic background has been a path of guidance to me. I discovered my passion at an early age, that my path will be less traveled. In my childhood, conservative subjects rarely found my attention. Rather, playing in the wild helped me connect more with myself with plants and other children of nature.

My last degree was a Master of Yoga Psychology, from the renowned Bihar Yoga Bharati, the first yoga university in the world.

My life really changed when life blessed me with my guru, Shri Paramhamsa Niranjananda Saraswati, who influenced my life and its direction profoundly.

I earned my sound therapy certification from International Academy of Sound Healing.

Since 2000, as a certified professional, I have been teaching and instructing Yoga, and other natural healing processes, nationally and Globally. I have been fortunate to experience several cultures while conducting some of my international sessions. I want to share some of my experiences and fortune with you.

Team: We have a small dedicated team of instructors and volunteers involved in several years of experience.b

What is Sound Healing?

Music is a powerful instrument to guide our consciousness toward profound elevations and induce healing.

Sound Therapies use frequencies of different sound-emitting instruments to calm your anxieties and maintain the health and harmony of the body. Healing sounds cure several diseases and increase the rate of healing. It also complements the treatment of the patients already taking conventional medicines.

Healing music can also be attended to while performing any routine, like driving, cooking, relaxing, or in your workspace. It takes merely a few minutes of your time to heal you without worrying about the side effects (except all the good ones).